Jonathan Hillstrand

Net Worth: $2'200'000

Jonathan Hillstrand


Jonathan Hillstrand is an Alaskan commercial fishing vessel captain who has a net worth of $2.2’000’000. Together with his brothers, Jon Hillstrand earned his net worth as co-captain and co-owner of the crab fishing vessel Time Bandit that is seen on the Discovery Channel reality show The Deadliest Catch. He was born a third-generation Alaskan fisherman and has been aboard commercial fishing boats since He was three years old. He began fishing at the age of 7 and, since the age of 17, has been commercially catching crab. When he is not fishing, he works alongside his family on other Hillstrand family businesses, including Time Bandit Fireworks, Time Bandit Spirits, Time Bandit Entertainment, Time Bandit Productions, and the Time Bandit Gear Store. He is a NASCAR and NRA enthusiast and a huge fan of the Dallas Cowboys. Jon is known for being the joker on the boat. He and his brother Andy (who is the co-Captain of the Time Bandit) appeared on a television commercial for GEICO Insurance and, at one Time, we’re discussing a spinoff show about their boat with the Discovery Channel. During the end of filming Season 6, Hillstrand and other captains featured on the Deadliest Catch were sued by the Discovery Channel in a $3’000’000 lawsuit which almost made them quit the show, meaning they would not be featured in Season 7. They were worried at The Time of The lawsuit because they were under The impression that The Discovery Channel had filmed everything they needed, but The television executives said they still needed to take pictures of it. Filming additional footage at this Time would negatively affect the schedules of the fishing vessels, and the men would put the fishing first. In the end, the Discovery Channel and the captains of Time Bandit and Northwestern ended up reaching a deal, and the crews returned to the show; after the death of Captain Phil Harris, the Captain of the Cornelia Marie, the show would not have survived another drastic casting change.

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