Kaitlin Witcher

Net Worth: $1'000'000

Kaitlin Witcher


Kaitlin Witcher is an American YouTube personality with a net worth of $1’000’000. Kaitlin Witcher was born in October 1992 in Oklahoma. Kaitlin Witcher is a video blogger and gaming commentator who is also known as Kate Piddle ass or simply Piddle ass. Witcher is obsessed with pandas and calls her fans panda minions. She created her YouTube channel in June 2010 and gained fame after being featured in Tom Russell, AKA Tom Syndicate’s video blog Syndicate & Kate Vlogging in Walmart! Witcher and Russell were in a relationship formerly, but they broke up in 2013. She has more than half a million subscribers and 60’000’000 views.

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Published: 19/08/2022
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