Kimbella Vanderhee

Net Worth: $800'000

Kimbella Vanderhee


Kimbella Vanderhee’s net worth: Kimbella Vanderhee is an American model and reality television star who has a net worth of $800’000. A Miami, Florida-based model, Kimbella Vanderhee, has been featured on the cover of Black Men’s Magazine, among other publications. At the beginning of its second season, she became a cast member of the televised series Love and Hip Hop. She was a controversial member as She announced that She had had an affair with the ex-boyfriend of fellow cast member Emily Testament who was pregnant at the time. A year after her affair, she’s dating a friend and colleague of the man with whom She had an affair. She is known for using her looks to get what She wants and has had a number of fights with fellow cast members, including a particularly nasty physical fight with recurring cast member Erica MENA. Her current line of designer watches is launched under the Bella brand, and She is laying the foundations for a pop music career. She was recently also selected to write a column for vixen’s Day Off magazine. Kimberley has two children with rapper July Santana. Other Love & Hip Hop net worth’s: Andy Smith net worth Emily Bustamante net worth Soraya Reece net worth Olivia Longest net worth Chrissy Lambkin net worth.

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