King Philippe

Net Worth: $20'000'000

King Philippe


The net worth of King Philippe is $20’000’000. He is best known for being the King of the Belgians since 2013. On Philippe’s ascension in 2013, the monarchy released a report claiming that he was worth $14’000’000. Belgium’s Civil List covers the family’s full expenditures, which comes to around $14’000’000 per year. Philippe was born in April 1960 in Belvedere Castle Taken Brussels, Belgium, Kingdom of Belgium. He is the son of King Albert II of Belgium and of Queen Paola Rough of Calabria. Countess Mathilde deems d’ACO married King Philippe in 1999. After his father abdicated in July 2013, he took the throne. King Philippe and Countess Mathilde have four children, and their eldest daughter Princess Elisabeth is the first in a line of succession and is expected to be the first queen regnant of the country. King Philippe was born during the reign of his uncle King Baudouin Belgium. He studied at the Royal Military Academy in Belgium and became the second lieutenant before achieving higher ranks in the Military. His Majesty is King of Belgium.

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Apr 15, 1960

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Apr 15, 1960

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