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Many think that elite athletes like me are taken care of. But that is not true, only a few like Sindhu are looked after well.
In fact, I am a bit apprehensive about biopics on sporting personalities in our country after seeing a few films. But my biopic is not going to be the same; it's completely different.
If I lose a match, I don't get sad or feel down. But if I lose a close match, I surely have sleepless nights.
I stopped playing mixed doubles and there is no result in mixed doubles. I was world number six. People who are talking about me and my performance and questioning my career and my achievements, where is the next mixed doubles pair, please show it to me. I would like to know.
Being a player, I am supposed to train and practice and only think about my game, what I have to develop and what weaknesses I have to take care of.
I don't expect people to understand, but as players who love the sport and have constantly been thrown a rock at by our association and now the Govt, there is only so much one can take.
Consistency is most important in international level and once you have it, you become a different player.
Unlike badminton playing major nations of the world, we never had a specialist doubles coach and so the discipline remained neglected.
I don't court controversies, but when I state facts, which are hard to digest for male-dominated authorities, they call them squabble.
I have fought back. From not being allowed to play, I have now qualified for Olympics in two events, it is satisfying. I feel proud.
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Jwala Gutta
Jwala Gutta
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